Copter mode

This control mode is well suited for panoramas taken from a high altitude and simulates the behavior of a quadrocopter or helicopter. With a rapid movement horizontally, the horizon tilts, simulating roll of the aircraft.

To activate this mode, you need to insert the code with the settings and include the coptermode.xml file to the xml file with a virtual tour or panorama. It is very important to follow the order: first the settings, then the include of the xml file.

  <copter_mode active="true"
  <include url="coptermode.xml"/>

Also, you need to add the aerial="true" attribute for the element view in each scene, where it is necessary to use the copter mode.

<scene ...>
  <view ... aerial="true"/>

Now about the settings:
active="true" - this parameter can be dynamically changed at any time on the tour, enabling and disabling the copter mode.
tilt_desktop="10" - roll value for desktops.
tilt_mobile="5" - roll value for mobile devices (smartphones, tablets).

When the mode of the copter is enabled, the control mode will be changed to moveto, when you turn off the copter mode, the control mode will be returned to the original (depends on your settings). The amount of roll and behavior are also dependent on the settings control. In this example, I used the following settings:

<control movetofriction="0.92" movetoyfriction="1.0" keybaccelerate="0.3" keybspeed="5.0" keybfriction="0.92"/>

In the context menu will be added item "About copter mode...", by clicking on which you will get to the main page of this site.

Download plugin from 17.11.2017 you can by link.


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