Video Hotspot Editor

In operation with panoramic player KRpano often have to embed videos in various television panels or screens of monitors. The original editor by KRpano inconvenient to use and performed on flash technology, so I did a panel for the exact positioning of video hotspots - Video Hotspot Editor.

In this video you can learn about how to work with the panel.

For working with panel you must include videospot_editor.xml into your xml file with a virtual tour or panorama.

<include url="videospot_editor.xml" />

Be sure to rename the name of the hotspot in the video "hs_video"

<hotspot name="hs_video"

Can practice on this example. In it I embedded already the prepared preset with all the necessary settings hotspot. It is better to expand the window to full screen

upd. 28.08.2017
Using the panel can be positioned not only video, but also ordinary image. And if you add in the xml file with the following code, you can set the step size to suit your needs.

<editor_settings step_rxy="0.1"

Download panel from 06.11.2016 you can by link.


You can use the plugin for free, but I will be grateful if you rate my work with any amount.

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