Salt caveSalt cave

Salt cave

Salt cave - not medicamentous method of healing and prevention of various diseases, based on the healing effect of microclimate similar to the conditions of underground salt caves.

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Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin TowersKuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin Towers

Kuala Lumpur - Petronas Twin Towers

Petronas Twin Towers - the height of 451,9 meters. The towers were built by two different companies to create competition and improve performance. During geological investigations revealed that the proposed site for construction is located on the edge of one piece of rock, and the other - on the soft limestone.

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Khao Lak - LighthouseKhao Lak - Lighthouse

Khao Lak - Lighthouse

Secluded resort Phang Nga province in Thailand, Khao Lak - a perfect place for a family holiday.

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Shop ''Intel-Foto''Shop ''Intel-Foto''

Shop ''Intel-Foto''

Shop "Intel-Foto" - a large assortment of photographic equipment from the amateur to the professional. Here every experienced photographer will be able to pick up a necessary tool for work and creativity, and experienced consultants can help in the selection of newcomers.

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Interior salon ''Le Fabric''Interior salon ''Le Fabric''

Interior salon ''Le Fabric''

Salon ''Le Fabric'' - is a huge exhibition of interior, which are present not only luxurious curtain fabrics from renowned European manufacturers, but also the elite wallpaper on demand, premium coverage available and under the order, decorative interior and stucco.

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Shop ''Scrapmania''Shop ''Scrapmania''

Shop ''Scrapmania''

A small tour of the shop "Scrapmania". Lovers tinkering hands, draw, do embroidery and glue themselves to find in this store many interesting things, in general, a haven for creative people!

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Beauty saloon Beauty saloon

Beauty saloon "Oval"

Beauty salon «Oval'», perhaps, the first salon in Chelyabinsk, in which is really beautiful. Individual style «Oval'» - this is not an attempt to say about the uniqueness, says its director Olga Arndt, - it's following an absolutely normal European practice beauty salon should not only offer customers high-quality services, but also to be beautiful.

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Restaurants holding ''Megapolis'' in the SEC ''Rodnik''Restaurants holding ''Megapolis'' in the SEC ''Rodnik''

Restaurants holding ''Megapolis'' in the SEC ''Rodnik''

"Bruderschaft" - restaurant of the highest category. Luxurious wood interior in the style of medieval Germany, the warm colors and shades, the best dishes of German, Japanese, Austrian and European cuisine, and most importantly, our own freshly brewed beer 3 grades. The atmosphere of this German brewery!

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National park ''Zuratkul''National park ''Zuratkul''

National park ''Zuratkul''

National park ''Zuratkul'' - located in the southern part of Satka district, Chelyabinsk region, 30 km south of Satka, 200 km west of Chelyabinsk. Organised by November 3, 1993. Total area - 88 249 hectares, the length from north to south - 49 km length from west to east - 28 km.

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Chelyabinsk hall of chamber and organ musicChelyabinsk hall of chamber and organ music

Chelyabinsk hall of chamber and organ music

To install the organ the building was reconstructed, taking into account all the conditions necessary for the installation of the organ. Room acoustics has been modified due to the special finishing of the building body and acoustic interior — for example, mounting a large ceiling chandelier to disperse sound and prevent excessive strengthening of acoustics.

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Fish restaurant ''Del Mare''Fish restaurant ''Del Mare''

Fish restaurant ''Del Mare''

The main idea of the chef - not to spoil the product of excessive complexity. The restaurant's menu offers fish in all its natural, natural charms and delights its healthy minimalism and laconic concreteness. You choose the fish cooked to your liking: grilled, baked in salt or in parchment, simmered at home or by sicilian.

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Chelyabinsk local history museumChelyabinsk local history museum

Chelyabinsk local history museum

Museum today - a favorite vacation spot of townspeople. Visitors are attracted not only a convenient location, a large amount of exhibition space, a comfortable environment to explore the exhibits. In the Museum building are three rooms of the permanent exhibition telling about the nature and history of the southern Urals, the children's Museum, library, Museum, rooftop, rock garden, exhibition center, Large and small halls changing exhibitions, two unique viewing platform and much more.

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Dental clinic ''Veladent''Dental clinic ''Veladent''

Dental clinic ''Veladent''

Veladent dental clinic - is a modern, comfortable clinic for children and adults. Clinic specialists have a professional approach to each patient and find the optimal solution to his problem, have certificates, diploma courses and conferences, both russian and foreign, become winners and laureates of the prestigious championships. The clinic uses equipment and materials of the best western manufacturers, all the conditions for a comfortable and painless treatment.

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